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                                                                                    Front Desk Team

                                        From left to right ~ Tammy, Kara, Michele and Andrea



 Meet our front desk team! With many years of combined experience, any questions you may have they will surely help you get the answers. From explaining and scheduling treatment to billing and maximizing your insurance benefits, our front desk team is always willing to take the time needed to be sure you fully understand what to expect before, during and after your appointment. They feel it is a pleasure to work with each and every patient and strive to give close personalized attention!

                                                                              Dental Assistants

                                          From left to right ~ Joy, Denise, Kaylyn and Cameron



The core of our dental practice is our wonderful group of dental assistants! Our dental assistants are multi-skilled members of our dental team, dedicated to assisting the dentist in all phases of dentistry. They are committed to your treatment and share a total commitment to the complete satisfaction and comfort of our patients.